Quitting Marijuana-Benefits

Quitting Marijuana-Benefits


 Whether you are a heavy or a regular marijuana user, maybe it is time to admit that there are some things in your life that are miserable because of the drug. There are things that could immediately improve and change if you were to quit smoking weed.

If you have been in denial for a long time about your habit of smoking weed and how it affects you and the people around you, and you are finally thinking of quitting weed, here are some of the benefits that you can expect.

The Immediate Health Benefits

Changes in your breathing.

After completely quitting weed in just a few short weeks, you will notice an improvement on

  • how your lungs function and how much easier it is to breathe
  • You will be more energetic and will have more stamina.

Not quitting pot smoking can result in some respiratory and bronchial illnesses such as emphysema, bronchitis and even cancer.

Better Sleeping Habits.

Having enough sleep is very essential for your overall health, and studies have shown that one of the many effects of smoking marijuana is that it has a negative impact on your sleeping cycles as well as its quality.

Numerous users have reported an absence of dreams and restless sleep when they are using, mainly because weed interrupts a user’s REM cycle which is needed for both dreams and total rest.

In just a few days after quitting marijuana, you will notice that your body will go back to its normal cycles and patterns and you will finally get the sleep you very badly need.

Improvement in Mood.

Pot smoking does has an effect on your mood, even if you’re not high.

When you’re smoking it, your mood may tend to be lacklustre and indifferent, and at times you may get the feeling that no one gives a care about you.

However, when you are not high, you tend to become short-tempered and uneasy.

Various organ systems in your body will experience chaos because of this induced stress and apprehension. But once you stop smoking weed, your mood will stabilise and eventually you will no longer experience these highs and lows.


Aside from lessening your performance and your sex drive, one of the effects of smoking weed is infertility.

Numerous studies have shown that marijuana users were far less interested in having sex than people who are from the same age group.

Furthermore, THC has been confirmed to cause infertility in both men and women. However the main problem is because THC affects the sperm.

But not to worry because once you quit smoking marijuana, your sex drive will go back to normal and when the drug is completely out of your system, there will be a dramatic improvement on your fertility.



So if you want to breathe easier, sleep better, improve your moods and improve your sex drive and fertility, follow the link to our How To Quit Weed Today page

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What We Do

This site was created by Mick from Danmick.

We now work as affiliates for several well renowned companies. In particular we are into Self-Help and we like to find products and services that actually work.

When we first put this site together Dan had no choice but to quit the weed or he was likely to lose his job as a truck driver.

The obvious questions for us were:-

  1. how to stop smoking weed?
  2. what happens when you quit smoking weed?
  3. How long would the marijuana detox take?
  4. Just what are the marijuana withdrawal symptoms?
  5. What is the best way to stop his marijuana addiction kicking back in?

Thankfully after quitting marijuana Dan has managed to stop smoking weed and has coped well with the challenges of his withdrawal from weed and is now committed to helping others find ways to stop smoking weed.

Hopefully you have the same questions as we have answered them all on this website so read all the pages if you can and Good Luck

Mick and Dan

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