Quit Weed-Dans Reasons To Quit Smoking Weed-Video 1

Quit Weed-Dans Reasons To Quit Smoking Weed-Video 1

Quit Weed

Dans Reasons To Quit Smoking Weed-Video 1

In an attempt to help others we are posting a set of videos highlighting the ups and downs of Dan’s journey when he was giving up Marijuana/Cannabis

This video covers his ”Reasons Why”



Quit weed is a video for how to quit weed today.

The Transcript of Dans reasons Why

Hi this is Dan and I’d like to share my experiences with you in quitting weed.

Reasons why I decided to quit. One of the reasons was my kids, I wanted to quit it for my kids, I didn’t was them to see and encourage them that’s what to do and well, due to health reasons and worries of cancer and that, I wanted to be there with them, I wanted to be there for them, so, my kids was one of the reasons why.

Second reason was health problems, worries of cancer obviously, mostly from the bacca cause erm, I liked a joint, I liked a pipe but I really liked a joint, I couldn’t do without a weed joint it was just more mellow, I used to have a pipe and stuff like that but erm, it used to get you high quite quick it was quite nice but I used to like the mellowness of a joint on the way home from work and erm mostly with friends but I also had chest problems and I suffer from acid-reflux so when I used to get the munchies, overeating and eating all the wrong stuff was just causng me heartburn and my acid-reflux to really flame up, you know. Also I found myself smoking too much I got to the stage where rather than smoking every now and then and that I was smoking too much sometimes till I was making myself sick erm, I’d lost control of that and I wanted to take the control back and, and not needing a herb to make me happy. I wanted to do it myself naturally.Erm and erm another big reason is money, it cost a few quid and err I needed to save some money and err the biggest reason why I quitted the weed and probably the reason that made me quit the weed erm was possible job loss. Because they started to drug test at work. And erm I didn’t want to lose my job.OK? or my licence. Erm so there are my reasons for quitting the weed.



What we do

Thankfully after quitting marijuana Dan has managed to stop smoking weed every day and has coped well with the challenges of his withdrawal from weed.

He is now committed to helping others to stop smoking weed.

Dan simply says:-

‘I quit marijuana and so can you. Let me show you how to stop smoking pot everyday’


Throughout the posts and pages on this site we have attempted to answer all the questions Dan had which were:-

  1. How to stop smoking weed?
  2. What happens when you quit smoking weed?
  3. How long would the marijuana detox take?
  4. Just what are the marijuana withdrawal symptoms?
  5. Tell me how to get over marijuana withdrawal
  6. What is the best way to stop his marijuana addiction kicking back in?

Hopefully you have the same questions as we had, plus we have added many more answers and hope that the answers on this website help you to quit the weed, so read all the pages if you can and Good Luck

Mick and Dan


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