When Quitting Smoking Weed What are the Side Effects

When Quitting Smoking Weed What are the Side Effects


When Quitting Smoking Weed What are the Side Effects

Here we discuss:-

MARIJUANA WITHDRAWAL (or Weed Withdrawal)        When Quitting Smoking Weed What are the Side Effects              – ITS SYMPTOMS AND ITS EFFECTS

People who smoke marijuana everyday and then give up smoking are often faced with similar withdrawal symptoms as those addicted to stronger drugs.

Because these individuals have built up a tolerance and familiarity to weed, their need to quit may result in some unpleasant effects when withdrawing from the drug.

Their body will go through a process of detoxification because it has been used to receiving and relying on marijuana most of the time. There will be many temptations that users of the drug may have to overcome, in order to avoid returning to the drug during the process of quitting weed.

The difference between addiction and dependence

Any person who is drug dependent, needs a drug to make them feel physically fine and it is often necessary for them to have a constant supply of the drug.

Being dependant does not always mean they are addicted.

People who are addicted to a drug are always thinking of the drug and it is their main priority in life.    When Quitting Smoking Weed What are the Side Effects 2

If they are addicted, in the case of a drug like cannabis, it will be hard for them to stop smoking it even if it’s already creating issues with their job, school or even relationships. People who are addicted to drugs are often blind to these problems and cannot always admit that problems are actually happening in their life.

Withdrawals from Weed  

Individuals who are dependent on the drug will experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms if they will completely stop using it all at once. The pot withdrawal timeline can be several weeks and is entirely dependant on how heavy a user they were when they quit the weed. Relapse can sometimes result from withdrawal, which means that users have tried to quit but they keep on returning back to the drug.  When Quitting Smoking Weed What are the Side Effects 3

What to expect when you quit smoking weed

Symptoms and Effects of Quitting Weed

Cannabis withdrawal includes one physiological symptom and at least a couple of psychological symptoms after quitting heavy and lengthy use of the drug.

An individual may experience some or all of the following psychological symptoms when they stop smoking weed:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Insomnia or changes in sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in eating resulting in reduced appetite or weight loss
  • Irritability

When Quitting Smoking Weed What are the Side Effects 4


Physically What Happens After Quitting Weed

Some individuals quitting weed do not not realise how it affects them, they are often unaware that some of the physical symptoms contribute to them being in a constant bad mood, and often it is easy to blame other people around them.

These physical symptoms can include the following:

  • Profuse Sweating
  • Fever
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache (very common)how to quit weed
  • Chills
  • Shakiness


People who have been smoking marijuana for a longer period of time are more likely to have these withdrawal symptoms when they are not using the drug.

One study shows that teens that had marijuana withdrawal symptoms were more like to experience problems like having a hard time in school or at work or trouble with money and relationships. In addition, they are more likely to have other signs of cannabis dependence and mood disorders like being depressed.

The symptoms are not usually so severe that there is a need for a medical attention. But it may help to lessen the effects and improve recovery in those who are quitting marijuana if they undergo medication or even behavioural strategies.

How To Get Over Marijuana Withdrawal

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What we do

Thankfully after quitting marijuana Dan has managed to stop smoking weed every day and has coped well with the challenges of his withdrawal from weed.

He is now committed to helping others find ways to stop smoking weed.

Dan simply says:-

‘I quit marijuana and so can you. Let me show you how to stop smoking pot everyday’

When Quitting Smoking Weed What are the Side Effects

Throughout the posts and pages on this site we have attempted to answer all the questions Dan had which were:-

  1. How to stop smoking weed?
  2. What happens when you quit smoking weed?
  3. How long would the marijuana detox take?
  4. Just what are the marijuana withdrawal symptoms?
  5. Tell me how to get over marijuana withdrawal
  6. What is the best way to stop his marijuana addiction kicking back in?

Hopefully you have the same questions as we had, plus we have added many more answers and hope that the answers on this website help you to quit the weed, so read all the pages if you can and Good Luck

Mick and Dan

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