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About Us

About Us     –      How To Stop Smoking Weed Today


This site was created by Mick from Danmick.

We now work as affiliates for several well renowned companies. In particular we are into Self-Help and we like to find products and services that actually work.

When we first put this site together Dan had no choice but to quit the weed or he was likely to lose his job as a truck driver.

The obvious questions for us were:-

  1. how to stop smoking weed?
  2. what happens when you quit smoking weed?
  3. How long would the marijuana detox take?
  4. Just what are the marijuana withdrawal symptoms?
  5. What is the best way to stop his marijuana addiction kicking back in?

Thankfully after quitting marijuana Dan has managed to stop smoking weed and has coped well with the challenges of his withdrawal from weed and is now committed to helping others find ways to stop smoking weed.

Hopefully you have the same questions as we have answered them all on this website so read all the pages if you can and Good Luck

Mick and Dan

How To Quit Weed


Affiliate Disclosure

We wish to be clear that Mick and Dan work as affiliates for some of the products that we recommend and review on our websites, for which we will receive a commission if you should choose to buy them.
We promote products that we have found to be of personal use and strive to find the best available products for our needs. Only when we are happy with the product and its success do we then market them as affiliates.
You the buyer will pay no more than the owners, publishers and suppliers of these products charge on their own sites and sales and refunds are administered by the product owners.
This disclosure also includes our products sold via Amazon.com for recommended books and products that we have found useful ourselves.
This particular product has been used by Dan himself to help him gain back the life he wanted.